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Johnnie walker gold vs black?

looking for a fathers day present. not too experienced on my good liquor..(im 20 ill drink anything haha) but i know that my father likes to indulge in a nice glass of whiskey every once in awhile. i know he usually gets johnnie walker black label, probably cause its better and aged more than the red label, but still reasonably priced.... dont mind spending that little extra and getting him a bottle of the gold label, but i would appreciate insight from someone who actually knows, rather than me. is it really that much better or does it have its own distinct taste??? not sure if he would prefer the black label if thats what he is used to.... so confused.

p.s. dont even suggest blue label cause im not paying that much haha|||Gold is significantly better than Black Label, and Black is no slouch.|||I would say Gold is a safe bet.|||I haven't had Gold, but Green is a nice upgrade from the Black which I usually get.|||Go with the JW Gold just to make it different since you've said that he's already used of drinking the JW Black label and I think Gold is much better than Black anyway.|||Gold is pretty good stuff. It would show him that you wanted to make your gift more special.

I was with company, drinking Johnnie walker, blue label.Someone put coca-cola, in his. Should I shoot him?

shouldnt there be a law against this hideous crime?

P.S Johnnie walker is NOT an American drink!|||you go girl !!....ask him if he wants one shot....or two...in his drink !!...........haha|||you should only shoot him if he's greek!|||To each his own. Have a few more drinks and you won't care.|||I think you should buy a bottle of red label for him, if he insists on tainting it, he should stick to the dregs that need it.|||SHOOT HIM!!!!!

The only thing that should be added is more whisky,lol!|||why not|||yes|||Drown him in a pool full of johnnie walker with no coca cola.|||Just ***** slap him.|||shoot shoot but sont take my name...|||no its perfectly legal unless you can change the law.......|||ABSOLUTELY|||Why? Lots of people do this. I used to drink it but it gave me diarrhea. Serves me right, I guess you would say ;-)

I was just wondering how much a Liter of Johnnie Walker Black Label will cost?

Where I live black lable is abour 17 bucks. Its better than red but not as good as blue.|||1 liter,on average- $15-to-$25.00 depending on the store%26amp;state%26amp; pluse if u buy tax free.|||Generally speaking, this depends on the state in which you buy it, since a significant part of the cost of liquor is usually the amount of state tax put on the base cost of the bottle. I live in New Hampshire, for example, and our liquor costs, which are strictly state controlled, are lower than any state in the New England area, and probably among the lowest anywhere in the US, because the state taxes on liquor are quite low.|||$16.99+ Tax at 8.25%

What does the "serial number" on a Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle mean?

johnny walker Blue Label

Authentic re-creation of an original 19th century blend available only to John Walker's most valued customers. Available in very limited quantities each bottle has its own serial number.

Enjoy!|||Its a unique number to each bottle filled..

Whisky - Johnnie Walker?

How do you tell the difference from a original Johnnie Walker (Black or Green Label) from the counterfeit ones?|||1)Price



4)Good luck|||the labels tell how long the whisky was aged,Also it identifies the alcohol content.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label?

I received this bottle as a gift but I've never tried scotch before. Any pointers? Is this good scotch? It's in a beautiful box!

Thanks for your help|||First off, be thankful. That is a very nice bottle of scotch! It retails for about $200.

I would recommend drinking it neat (at room temperature with no ice). Add a very small splash of water to bring out the full flavor of the scotch. It makes a nice after dinner drink, or any time you just want to relax and enjoy a taste of something luxurious.

Johnnie Walker scotches are blended scotches. That means that they take different single malt scotches and blend them together to create the particular balance of flavors that they want. The Blue Label is a blend of 60-year-old single malts. That means the whisky was aged in a cask for 60 years before being blended and bottled. Generally, the older a scotch is, the better it is. Certainly, it gets more expensive as it ages, since a great deal of the whisky evaporates during ageing.

So what you have is a very expensive, expertly blended scotch. Drink slowly and savor it.

EDIT: Since you're not an experienced scotch drinker, I would recommend buying a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red or Black Label and drink a little of that first. By comparison, the Blue Label will seem like heaven!|||It's a very high-quality scotch, never had it myself (拢150/$290 a bottle, you'd expect it to be good). Apparently it's best enjoyed slowly, and straight, as not to dilute the taste. If you're not a scotch drinker you'll likely not notice the difference between that and a standard scotch though.|||blue labe is expensive and valuble. keep it 4 ur self|||Its one of the best. Enjoy it on the rocks or with water|||It is a good Scotch, I cannot stand Scotch but it is somewhat tolerable if you have it with soda.|||wow! someone loves you! drink it neat or on the rocks--it really has a fantastic flavor. enjoy it slowly and don't break it out at a party!

Where can I buy a poster of Johnnie Walker black label?

TRY ART.COM|||Search on eBay.|||try on craigslist(posters) Or try there web site. hope this helped u .

Johnnie Walker opinions.?

I am currently on holiday and trying to decide which Johnnie Walker to buy for my partner duty free. Which would you rate more highly Black label, Double black, Green or Gold?

I am already looking at a bottle of Jack Daniels silver secret as he normally drinks Jack.|||Gold Label's blend, from my experience, is a milder blend, while the Green Label has a darker colour and would have more appeal to someone who appreciates single malts like Laphroaig which tend to have a much stronger note. Gold label tends to have a softer finish, while Green Label tends to have that more full-bodied, spicier finish. Comes down to one's preferences.

Black Label is a mediocre utility scotch whisky (I'd compare it to Jack Daniels). Double Black isn't bad.

If he is using it to mix cocktails or drinking it on the rocks, Black Label works well. If he drinks it neat or with a small splash of spring water (or one ice cube), Gold/Green label would be a better option.|||It is a taste thing.

Personally... if I were in your shoes. I would purchase a small bottle of each... have a taste test.

I found that by doing that with 4 different Jim Beam products... which I like best. I found that for me... the Red Stag was the only one I could sip straight. For my test after... when I couldn't sip the others. I would mix them with water to see how "sweet" or what other taste they might have.

You can do a similar test with Johnnie.

Jack... is in a class different than Johnnie. Try the Gentleman Jack...|||Among the jw Green is my fave but if ur gonna be mixing Black is best for the price

Alex's recommendation of smaller bottles so you know for later purchases is good.|||Depends on how important he is to you? I'd go with the Double Black unless he isn't worth it and then just get the Black Label.

My (hidden ) Johnnie Walker Blue label had been swilled down like cheap wine and the culprit is asleep. What?

punishment should I exact for this heinous crime. I wasn't even asked if it could be opened and the thought of it being poured down just to get drunk without savouring this beautiful creation is driving me daft. I can't even justify the cost of replacing it to myself - agh !!!!!!!|||Johnnie Walker Blue label is a BLEND! Why would you get annoyed about that unless you know nothing about whisky.|||Do you have a well.?

I would push them head first into the well and make them hang there until they promise to replace the bottle..

If that doesn't work, I would lift three or four floorboards then nail them under the floor, just below a big knot hole and poke them with a big stick all night long....!

If that doesn't work, I'd put a potty on his/her head and smother them in lard and leave them in a locked room with three or four cocker spaniels..

If that doesn't work, I'd smother them in raspberry jam and push them into a small room full of wasps..

If that doesn't work, I'd smother them in cheap honey and tie them to a big tree in the darkest wood where the bears could come out to play..

If that doesn't work, I suggest you use your imagination..!!|||Did you hear about the Scot who was taken to court for having an illegal 'Still' in his garden ??

In court he protested his innocence saying it was his grand father's %26amp; He'd never used it !

The Magistrate said " We find you guilty ! as you possess the equipment for distilling !

Jock then said Your Worship..I should also be summoned for Rape !!

The Magistrate was alarmed %26amp; Said " Why ? ..Have you commited rape ??

Jock retorted " No Your Worship.... But I Possess The Equipment !! "....... .. Boom Boom !|||OMG ~ that is awful ~ the guilty party should be flogged ~ I will organise a charity run to get the money to replace your bottle ;-)|||drain their blood while they`re still in a stupor and then filter the johnny walker out again.

p.s. mind and put their blood back.|||Booze has little quality and less value. Just put something cheap in the same bottle and no one will know the difference.|||Unfortunately this is what happens when you invite the scotch around for tea.......

Cheapest Johnnie Walker?

Now i know that if i'm going for a johnnie walker i should try and get the best one i can. just wanna know what the cheapest one is (id appreciate prices in answer) and if i should get the cheapest one or just go for the black label.|||red label is around $20. its decent. good for mixing. i don't think it tastes good enough to drink by itself.

black label is $45. is a lot smoother than red. i wouldn't mix black with anything but some ice.

both red and black are very smokey in flavor.

blue is of course great. but its like $150 a bottle. screw that.|||I'd recommend you go Black - it's a good premium Blended Scotch - a definite step up from the standard Red.

Above that are (in price order) Green, Gold and Blue. Good to try, but you are paying for the unique products in each case, not simply and improvement on the previous if that makes sense.

Enjoy!|||Red label is the cheapest.

You don't necessarily have to go for 'the best' one either, different scotches taste different to different people, so you should actually taste around and see what kinds you like the best.|||Red $25

Black $35

Green $65

Gold $85

Blue $175

all 750ml bottles. prices will vary. i got these off the internet. for the extra $10, i'd go for the black.|||I have had them all and red the the cheapest. I like gold the best but black is the best bang for your buck. Blue is good but not worth the money IMO.|||Red label is cheapest (price varies) but Black is significantly better. A friend of mine raves about the Blue but I have yet to try it.

What mixes with johnnie walker red label? i know it is terrible with dr pepper?

water...soda...just have it on the rocks|||seltzer with a twist of lemon (club)

on the rocks w/lemon or lime


straight up w/beer back

roses lime

7up|||All the ideas above are great...there is a reason why you NEVER see Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew or even Fanta Grape soda in clubs/bars. They don't mix with anything, despite all the crazy recipes out there..that's for fun at home. Stick with the basics..they have been around for a reason. Enjoy!|||Try Soda or Water, lemon slice.|||Many people like a Cola (Coke, Pepsi, etc.) with their whiskey. Some people like it with sprite or a lemon lime drink too...i can see how DP doesn't work with it though lol

Johnnie Walker vs 12 year Dewar's -Opinion?

In your opinion, which one do you like the best? Johnnie Walker Black Label or Dewar's 12 year?

And if the choice was between Black Label and Dewar's White Label ( Taste, forget price)|||Dewar's, every time. I have not tried the JW Blue Label, don't think any whisky is worth that much so I can't judge that one. But for a blended Scotch Dewar's is pretty good at the price.|||Dewars is better (my opinion) than Johny Walker Black Label but not as good as Johnny Walker Green or Blue Label.|||Haven't had 12 Yr Dewar's but recommend Johnnie Walker Blk over Chivas Regal 12 yr

Johnnie Walker vs Chivas Regal ?

Which company making better whisky and why?

ALSO: Chivas regal 12yr vs Johnnie walker 12yr (who's the real winner here and why?)

Please give as much information about this two very famous brands on the market which company better|||i would say chivas regal because jonnie walker is not as smooth

Midleton Irish Whiskey v. Johnnie Walker Blue Label?

Which do you prefer?|||Johnnie Walker Blue is a very fine scotch. I'm usually a single malt guy. I don't drink any blended whiskeys, except for this one.

Irish whiskey is fine, but it's tough to top Blue.|||Shame I couldn't get in on this one. I'd have to go with Midleton Very Rare. Hands down, the best whiskey I've ever tasted. Johnnie Walker Blue is a wonderful blend for what it is, but I've never been a scotch person. Must be the Irish blood in me. ;)

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|||Midleton is different every year, as it is made in batches and different casks are selected every year, so comparing Midleton from one year to the next can even be difficult.

The Midleton has been made since 1984, and the latest ones seem to be the best, for me, as they contain older whiskey. It's made from a blend of pure pot still whiskey and grain whiskey. The 2005 is the one I have liked the most, so far.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is based around Royal Lochnagar whisky. It is more expensive than the Midleton. However, it is almost worth the money. Some very good malt whiskys go into this.

Another difference between the two is that Midleton's whiskey is all from the same distillery, while the Blue Label is a blend from about 12 to 15 distilleries.

Personally, I prefer the Midleton, but I'd be delighted if I was offered either.|||One is irish whiskey and one is scotch...not much of a basis for comparison. It's like asking if you like a lager better than a burgundy.

Is it wrong to mix _blended_ Scotch whisky (like Johnnie Walker black, Chivas Regal) with soda?

I know it is generally not considered kosher to do so with single malt Scotch but I'm curious as to whether it is common to order a Dewar's %26amp; Coke, etc. in a bar?|||Nothing is wrong with anything you mentioned.

However, it is a waste of money when you mix whiskey or any spirit with soda, coke, water, etc. because you dilute and change the flavor and taste. That is especially true of Colas and sweet sodas.

If you plan to mix then it is best not to order a brand name and therefore pay more.

I was an observer in club owners focus group.

The concensus from all of the owners of large restaurants, chain bars, and local bars was that their regular bar whiskey was as good or better in taste than most of the well known brand names. They all said most patrons don't believe it.

Do a taste test with your favorite brand and the bar brand and notice if there is any difference. Most bars and restaurants will 'comp' you on a small amount to do the test.

I also recommend you taste test the same way with a mixed drink, for which you probably won't be 'comped', unless you ask for a smaller portion.

Also, charcoal filtered spirits is best for your body, liver, and hangovers. It is basically the impurities in a spirit that give a bad hangover.

If you want to impress someone, you won't if you mix good spirits with cola or soda.

Another way is to order the spirit "straight up", which is just the spirit in a glass, and order a "soda back".

Then you can sip the spirit, and the soda seperately and be observed as cool or knowing how to order. (If you care about that).

Consider as well the glasses.

If the glass has a 'bead' on the top it is a cheap glass and will throw the drink to the left and right in your mouth, where your taste buds for sour things are located.

A glass with a sanded rim and no bead will toss the drink straight back on the middle of your tongue where you get the full flavor of the drink.

You can taste test this anywhere with any type of drink, spirits, soft drinks or sodas. Some plastic glasses with no rim will give a better taste than any cheap beaded rim glass.

Try it and see for yourself.

If a spirit is really good, then it will taste good warmed up in the hands as in Cognac, or at room temperature, 68-72 degrees. Warming up a spirit will bring out all the flaws in taste if they have any. Most Russians drink Vodka warm or room temperature, and straight, with no mixer. They have the best vodka's too.

Chilling a drink makes it more difficult to taste the true flavor.

Remember when ordering 'Tonic water", it has a LOT of carbohydrates and sugars and therefore is very fattening.

You can find sugar free tonic water if you look for it in most grocery or liquor stores.

Good drinking and........

remember not to drink and drive.

Bill|||I am a scotch drinker and have been for years. The way i recommend is Two cubes of Ice, Half fill glass with your desired scotch and top with Chilled Water. The first couple hurt but after that you will not drink it any other way after that. If you don't like the taste that way try the same but instead of with water use Dry Ginger Ale.|||common? not really but i have seen it done several times but normally its crown and coke or jack and coke but its all in your tastes|||I just drink it straight|||The cheaper brands with coke, and ive seen some of the higher quality brands mixed with 7up before

How do I order black label johnnie walker on the rocks at a bar?

"black label johnnie walker on the rocks" How the **** else would you?|||just ask for johnnie walker black label on the rocks

If you ask for whiskey, they will just serve you the cheapest stuff they have. You have to specify the brand and that you want it on the rocks.

I would also suggest a johnnie walker black label on the rocks with a water back. That way you should get a glass of water with your whiskey so you can pace your drinking.|||Johnnie walker black, on the rocks. Seriously, for such a simple question some people have given some pretty wrong answers.|||I would probably say "Johnnie Walker Black, over". Bartenders know that over means on the rocks.|||You don't. You're too dumb to be drinking if you ask this sort of question.|||You should probably be more worried about how good your fake ID is.|||Just like you asked the question. :)|||um u ask for it

Where is the cheapest place to get a Johnnie Walker Red/Black Label in Perth?

Probably Woolies or Liquorland. Don't bother with Red, its gnats p*ss that any self-respecting Scot wouldn't drink these days.|||Take a look at www.thewhiskyshop.com they might have it.|||YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING?

Why don't you Johnny Walker your buns, across the street to the nearest Liquor store and find out?

And why your at it, price out Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels and then we finish off Silent Sam's bottle. LOL|||I in America, but, oooh! Well Black label better than nothing. I go for the Malt Scotch it the expensive good stuff. Heck, I listen to B-52's sing "Good Stuff" now. If you just want to get drunk buy some cheap stuff. Now Johnnie make some good stuff, but, here in America it like $100 USD. I sorry, this all I know. My last Scotch was $280 USD, it was the good stuff, 40 years old and that was a great deal. Price 50 year old! OMG, New York hog all that ,I can not even get a bottle!!!!!|||Do nuts go well with Johnnie Walker? Just checking, so when you get the stuff we can, support our Wild life and throw a party!|||at home

Johnnie Walker question?

which johnnie walker product/label do you like most? and why?|||Black or Gold, depending on how much I'm spending.

Red is crap, JW describes it as "mixing whisky" which translates into junk whisky.

Black is excellent for the price, nice and smoky. It's a little harsh, but not so much that you can't drink it.

Gold is better than Black, but far more expensive.

Blue is outrageous and honestly, not nearly worth it. If you want to know what blue tastes like, try Gold and imagine it much smoother. The flavors are mostly the same, it's just far, far smoother.

I haven't tried Green yet. It's a pure malt, which means it's a combination of single malts rather than a blend like the rest of the labels.|||blue of course. but i'd rather have a single malt over any blended whisky. my favorites are the macallan and highland park|||Whatever is cheapest?

Evan Williams FTW haha.|||God youre a ******* ******|||None...I hate to drink stuff just because it's "cool" or popular, maybe I'm weird.|||who is buying?

What to mix with Johnnie walker red label?

22 standard drinks in the 700 ml bottle of straight and im gonna try drink the whole lot new years eve night

: -p|||it might suprise you but ginger ale works really well with whisky, a (kinda) rember drinking black lable doubles and ginger ale one night, its a taste that mellows the drink out, but at the same time enchances the flavour, what u should do is buy a small bottle and have 2 or 3, just to try, or go to a bar and order that.|||i like cutting sprites with concentrate for fast drinking.

1/4 pint sprit

1/4 concentrate

1/2 water

approx 4 shots a glass and go down really fast 1/3 of 700ml in 2 hours|||you can cut t with tonic or soda water...or do the ole standard and drink it strait over ice.|||good luck with that!!! lol

either coke, or sprite. probably ginger ale would work the best.

Which Scotch is better,higher quality? Chivas Regal or Johnnie Walker!?

Chivas Regal (18yrs old) or Johnnie Walker (Gold label 18yrs old) ?

Which out of this two would be better quality,more pleasant,more luxury etc.... scotch? WHY?|||Chivas Regal for me.

It's a bit smoother.

Personally I prefer the Speyside whiskies, much more pleasant.

West coast %26amp; islands tend to be quite smokey while the southern ones I find quite rough and more like Irish whiskey.

dawlyn is almost correct , but Keith is actually in Grampian Region, and Kilmarnock is in south WEST Scotland, just below Glasgow.|||Chivas Regal is produced in the town of Keith in an area known as Speyside the highland region, generally whiskys are softer on the pallet and slightly sweet.

Johnnie Walker is produced in the Kilmarnock area south east Scotland and will have a slightly more fiery flavour, both are of an aged quality,if your looking to impress the the Chivas is better dressed, enjoy|||That is strictly a matter of taste. Both are quality scotches. I would describe the JW as richer and smokier and the CR as a smoother sweeter taste. Personally I do not like JW. The blend is simply not for me but most of my poker club loves it. Go to a bar and try both then decide.

Give me Oban any day|||Among the not TOO expencive ones, I like Johnnie Walker Black; have heard the Blue is top-notch but have yet to try it.|||they are both good but if your gonna spend get a good single malt its worth the extra nickle

Best Johnnie Walker Label?

What is considered the best Johnnie Walker Label? Blue? How much can I expect to pay for a bottle? Would a man enjoy this as a birthday gift?|||Here in Ontario, Canada You can pay anywhere from $245 to $4400 for a bottle of Blue Label. My husband has had that, and Green Label, (about $60) but Green Label is harder to find.

From my husband, yes a man would enjoy this as a bithday gift.|||"Swing", it comes in a bottle with a round base which, when you put it down, it rocks slightly, from side to side, (a bit like a "weeble", if you recall those kid`s toys.."Weebles wobble but they don`t fall down"). The whisky is superb , the bottle is just a gimmick.

Can`t give you a price as I do not know where you live, and Yes a guy would love it as a gift, particularly if he`s a golfer!|||Yes, Johnny Blue is a real good Scotch - but if the person is not a Scotch drinker he will not be able to appreciate it and it's more or less wasted. I'm a Scotch drinker and love Red or Black - Blue I've had a few times, nice but not worth the difference in price from Black.

INSTEAD if the person is your husband or boy friend why not buy a nice bottle of Dom Perignon (champagne) and drink it together - Champagne for two is never wasted.|||I haven't had Blue but it's supposed to be a good one. I often see it in the 150$ range down here but it can be as much as 300, have only had black + red, and much prefer the black. Not much of a scotch drinker though, prefer tequila, whisky, vodka, bourbon|||Blue is good stuff for blended malt scotch. Goes for about 150. And you're not a real man unless you enjoy scotch on your birthday.|||You are looking to spend well over $100 for a bottle more like $150 to $200.

A lot of people in LA drink it to show off that they have money.|||JW Blue.|||yah. blue|||very nice

Who is Johnnie Walker? In Gaga Song?

There a line the song "speechless" by lady gaga

"i cant believe how you looked at me with your johnnie walker eyes"

is johnnie walker a person, or odes this have something to do with the brand of liquor?|||brand of liquor but it's also a person..

I think Gaga mean's it something to do with the way you look after too many Johnnie walker's

What is your opinion of Johnnie walker black label?

It's good but not that much better to justify the expense.|||Overpriced





|||Blue label

But overall, I'd go with Macallen 21 or 25 year.|||Blue label all the way|||I'd go with the Chivas Regal .... better taste and quality. I've tried both and find the Chivas Regal to be THE BEST WHISKEY.|||i think mexicans will fight dirtier|||Had both and my vote is JW Blue. Extremely smooth. |||No way to distinguish between the two. No expert was able to do this in blind trials. Mainly because both come from superbe mixes. The main factor is ageing in sherry casks. For every 100 gallons put in 25 years ago less than one comes out due to evaporation. You are getting the distilled essence of a complex cascade of flavor sources. |||for me 27 year laphroaig is amazing the smokey peaty ness is so imense yet not rough its like being in a victorian steam train workshop you can imagine brunell drinking it! its lovely i often have a drab to much when out on the town or after a meal :P

Which is better.... Johnnie walker black OR Chivas Regal?

I prefer Chivas now....I use to like johnnie walker black, not anymore... There both aged for 12 years... But Chivas has a more rich wood smokey flavor that I like...|||I don't think there is a wrong answer, they're both decent blends at an affordable price point and it just comes down to preference. Like you, I would reach for the Chivas first.

Scotch is whiskey, by the way. The snobs are all into single malts, and there's nothing wrong with that, but the mistake a lot of them make is to think 'single malts = better than' rather than 'single malts = different than'. and that you just haven't discovered single malts yet. There are fabulous blended Scotches that make some single malts taste like piss.

Chivas isn't one of them, but that's not the point.|||I prefer whiskey over scotch... my favorite being Jefferson Reserve. It's about $50 a bottle though.

If I feel like mixing a drink with Coke, I'll use either Crown Royal, Jack Daniels SB or my new favorite Knob Creek.

One to look out for is Dickel, which is around $21 per bottle. I haven't tried it, but it has good ratings, and my friends like it. Also, for a cheap bourbon, Old Grandad is good for the price.

As for scotch, I like Glenlivet 16 year Nadurra and the 18 year. The 18 year is on sale for $55, which is a good price, since the 12 years is $50 at Bevmo.com. I think Johnnie Walker is overrated, but if you like it, stick with the Black, as there is almost no notable difference in the more expensive labels. I've never really given Chivas a chance.|||If you like a smoky flavour, you need to ditch the blends and introduce yourself to the world of single malt Scotch. Check out some peatier varieties like maybe Laphroaig if you think you like smoke and then try some others with more complex tastes than blended whiskys. Blends are good when you're starting to like whisky, but once you've developed your pallet, get into some single malt Scotches. You'll thank me.|||Better is subjective, so you've answered your own question: you like Chivas better. If you want something different and better, upgrade to the 18 or try some of the single malts they use to make Chivas, it's mostly Strathisla and Longmore, plus (probably) some Glenlivet and Glen Keith.





|||Johnny Walker of course! =)

What's the best place to shop for Johnnie walker blk label whisky in Washington dc area?

any liquor store should have it|||There's a small shop across from the Willard Hotel that has a good selection of scotch--I found Usquaebach there in a former life.

I have been told that they dilute Johnnie Walker whisky in Margarata Venezuela appreicate confirmation if true

I have been told by several Venezuelans that they dilute Johnnie Walker whisky and its better when you buy it outside of Venezuela, I am sure if this is true Johnnie Walker would have investigate this rumor, I would be grateful to have an answer as soon as possible|||During the 1990's, there were FAKE Johnnie Walker and Fundador here in the Philippines... some of my friends know how to distinguish it from the real one - I think it is still happening - it is not diluted though but the contents are local whiskey and brandy which cost 10X less but tastes exactly like them...|||i've got no idea, but i'm really sorry|||false!|||not true!!!!!!!!!!!|||The only thing you should put in Johnnie Walker whiskey is Ice. From a Scot.

What is the value of a Johnnie Walker Swing? unopened,gold square label not tilted ?


Johnnie Walker question!?

How much is for a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Johnnie Walker Red Label and Johnnie Walker Green Label? I'm thinking of buying all four bottles for my collection but I want to know the approximate cost for each. Thanks!|||Red and green can run between 20 and 35 bucks.

Black will run you from 35 to 50

Blue will cost you upwards of 200 bucks, some places close to three depending upon the size, and how old the bottle is.

The liquor store that i deal with for my bar has a collection series that features smaller bottles, and the entire set is 450 dollars.

Good luck.|||http://www.bevmo.com/productlist.asp?Ntt鈥?/a>|||red - 16-22

black- 22- 28

green- 32- 50

gold- 44-70

blue- 160-220

depends on where in the country you are. I got a bottle of blue for 70 once. Green is the best, don't get the blue.

Johnnie walker whisky.?

we have a bottle of johnnie walker red label whisky.must be over 30 years old.

will it be any good now,or would it have gone off.|||as long as the bottle is unopened, the seal is still tight and its been stored out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources, it should be absolutely fine to drink.

whisky doesnt continue to age once its been bottled, so it should taste the same now as it wouldve 30 years ago if its been stored correctly. basically, if its been at the back of a cupboard then thats cool.|||It should be fine to sell or give to friends. It will only be worth the money of the year on the bottle as whiskey does not age when in a glass bottle. So if its 12years on the bottle, although its 30 years old, its still only twelve in taste and value.|||Well i say you are the luckiest guy in the world jajaja you see the older the whisky the better have fun drinking it..|||It should be fine - but no better than when it was bought as whisky does its maturing in casks, not the bottle.|||Sorry, whisky doesn't mature in bottles, only in casks. Your scotch is exactly the same as it was 30 years ago.|||Gone off now x|||You are lucky !|||so long as its not been opened, it will be divine!! Enjoy.|||Arrrrrrrrrghhhh...whiskey does not mature when bottled!|||nice and mature now

Finally completed my johnnie walker collection!?

finally got my red, black, green, gold and blue label!!

the red and black are like half full

but the rest aren't open yet.

the green, gold and blue are the new ones =)

i can't wait to crack the green and gold label bottles open.

to taste the fruits of the green and the creaminess of the gold. mmm

i don'y know if i should crack open the blue though

or maybe save it for when i complete my studies

for the people who have tasted the better johnnies, what is your fave and why?|||TE is right. Your collection is not yet complete. You must get the Swing, at least...also there used to be a bottling of Talisker 12 yr that carried the JW Walking Man logo on the label.

Of the ones you have, I prefer the Gold - it is the best balance of malts for my taste and budget.

Red - too sweet, Black - too peaty and thin, Green - Not enough quality for the money; has a wierd pungency that I don't care for, Blue - A nice blend but extortionist prices.|||blue is fantastic, my partner and i saved our money and ended up buying a litre from duty free.

It was fantastic but il never do it again, im not even going to say how much we spent. its too depressing.|||the blue is definitely for special occasions, you will enjoy it !|||all johnnies are blended, so you shouldn't have bought anything over the black label.

thumbs down me all you want, any blended is for everyday occasions. even blue has some inferior malts blended in there.|||save the blu for a special occasion. share it with a dear friend or some one who appreciates a good blended scotch.my|||Does your collection have the Johnnie Walker Swing, Or the hard to find discontinued White Label, My collection does, Your almost there....|||In a "blind" taste-test a friend did for a large group of us,

would you beleive...."Red" won-out !!!! (hands-down)|||All round fav is Black however Blue is amazing but expensive.|||hey johnnie, my favorite is the gold, there is nothing like putting a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold in the freezer and serving it with expensive or not so expensive chocolates.

Johnnie Walker Red a good scotch?

I was curious to try a scotch to drink over ice and picked up a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red. I've drank it before when out with friends but never bought a bottle so I'm wondering if this is a good scotch to start with. Also, about how much is a normal sized drink to serve? I'm guessing about 2 ounces??

Thanks|||red and black label are an ok scotch for the price but try Bushmills or Glenfiddich to step up a little but keeping the price reasonable as well you will have to sample a few different scotch's before you find the one you like as there is countless good ones out there

I need the name of the Song for the Johnnie Walker Black Label Whiskey commercial.?

"Never the Same"

by Supreme Beings of Leisure

What is the song in the Johnnie Walker Black Label commercial?

Song and artist of that comercial. It's of a bottle pouring yellow wiskey into invisble glasses. Urgent (not really) please get back to me.|||Never the Same

by Supreme Beings of Leisure

Johnnie walker advertisments?

does anyone know in which magazines johnnie walker advertises?|||New York Magazine.|||those read by over 18s

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Who wrote/recorded song with chorus "Johnnie Walker wrote this sad song I'm singing tonight"?

Heard on a folk/blues/country radio station in 1980's|||There is a song called The Letter That Johnny Walker Read by Asleep At The Wheel a country/western swing group - could it be that?|||The Letter that Johnnie Walker Read by Asleep at the Wheel.

Johnny Walker sat

At a table in a bar

Minding his own affairs

Drinking his namesake

Over the rocks

He was drunk

Too drunk to care

When a girl in the bar

Walked up beside him

And this is what she said

She said, a woman came by

With a letter for you

And this is what the letter said


Dear, John, please, Johnny

Please come home

I need your love and

The kids, they gotta be fed

And John, if you don't

Hurry back, I'll be gone

Yes, that's what the letter said

The letter that Johnny Walker read

Then John

He got up from the table

Slowly, he walked outside

He was thinking of his wife

And little children at home

And how his drinking

Had ruined their lives

Then John, he stared off

Into that street light

And a vision filled his

Poor, poor heart with dread

For it was him lying drunk

There in that gutter

Clutching in his hand

The letter that Johnny Walker read

And this is what it said

[repeat CHORUS x2]|||the song's by WhiskyFist or by Lee Ann Womack and it's called last call

Is Johnnie Walker well known brand in Scotland?

i understand that the brand is big overseas but is it well known by locals|||It would be well known by the locals; but not highly regarded.

This is for two reasons:

- Johnny Walker is a blended whisky. That means hat it is blended from several different pure whiskies, and the quality of the whiskies used in the blend will determine the quality of the blend. That is why there are several grades of Johhny Walker: Blue label (very expensive) is made from only the best malt whiskies. Red Label might be made from a blend of lesser base whiskies.

A purist will prefer to drink 'single malt' whiskies; made from a single distillery (eg, Gen Fiddich), but such whisky would not be used in mixer drinks.

- The higher grades of Johnny Walker are also 'bottled in Scotland" (eg, black label), rather than shipped overseas and bottled in the destination country. "Bottled in Scotland" shown on the bottle is often (but not always) an indication of high quality. obviously, it would be cheaper to export whisky in bulk, and have it bottled overseas, but the quality might not be as high.

Also a purist will tell you that the best quality scotch is biottled in Scotland, because of the high quality of the Scottish water.

There is nothing wrong with Johnny Walker; especially if you prefer mixed drinks. If you prefer whisky alone; then you will appreciate the more subtle taste of a single malt. I am sure there are a lot of Scottish people who drink mixed scotch, and would be quite happy to use Johnny Walker.|||The original distillery is in Scotland. Whether or not it is the most popular brand or something like Famous Grouse is, I have no idea.|||I like a Drop of Glenffiddich myself,But yes Johnnie Walker is a Leading Whiskey here in Britain ,|||i do agree with the johnnie walker is a well known brand but not highly regard as it is a blended whisky. like red label, many people says it sucks. black label is still acceptable. try blue label. or maybe green label(the only pure malt whisky in the range). swing(unique bottle) and premier are quite okay for a change too. i mean if you are insist on johnnie walker only. if not just try others.|||Yes it is!

Johnnie Walker Blue is the flagship product of the House of johnnie walker, (the world's leading Scotch Whiskey producer).

J.W.Blue is the ideal gift for a special person and is highly known in Scotland as for J.W.Gold %26amp; Black.|||yes

Crown Royal vs Johnnie Walker?

Crown Royal(deluxe) vs Johnnie Walker(black label)?

Who is the real winner here i know they are different one is scotch and another is canadian drink but which one do you like more and why?

Plus how you like it be specific please?

|||Crown Royal, definitely, it gets your drunk nice and fast lol. But the taste is smoother and its not as hard to get down. I like it best with coke.|||Johnnie walker wins (if its black) because i love the smokey taste. Canadian wiskey is more infantile because of its sugary taste (since it is made with rye, it is a mixing whiskie. Not worth the price). The smokey taste of scotch wins me over everytime, even if it is blended scotch.

I drink my blended scotch on the rocks with a zest.|||Johnnie.

Crown is sweeter and easier to drink, but if I wanted something easy to drink and sweet, I'd just buy Jack Daniels.

The smokiness and extra dimensions the scotch brings gives you more to enjoy. A better drink to simply sit with.|||Can't really compare the two. It's like apples and oranges. One is a blended whiskey, the other is scotch. you really have yo aquire a taste for scotch. crown is definitley the smooth one|||JW-B, though The Crown is no shame, either

See number two...


T|||Johnny Walker wins by TKO!

I'm more of a crown fan myself. Actually some good ol knob creek in one of my favorites!|||johnnie walker, good sippin' drink

Best way to drink Johnnie Walker black?

my buddy just bought me a bottle (what a nice guy). anyway never really drank it before. i know its supposed to be decent stuff right?

how do you drink it? straight? lime wedge? splash of coke?

any suggestions would be cool.|||Black? Not bad at all. Very decent. It's no Blue - but it's not Red either.

Enjoy on the rocks or neat.

Limes and scotch don't work.

Coke would be a lesser sin, but still very wrong.|||Straight is the best way. Order a tripe shot at the bar and just sip on it. Have 2 of those at you'll have a good time.|||I advise straight - up with 3 drops of spring water, to bring out the aroma, AAAAhhhhh 12 year scotch.|||big drinker = straight

small drinker = rocks

female = w/ diet coke

Crown Royal vs Johnnie Walker?

Crown Royal vs Johnnie Walker(black label)?

Who is the real winner here i know they are different one is scotch and another is canadian drink but which one do you like more and why?

Plus how you like it be specific please?|||I prefer Crown Royal. I drink it on the rocks with water and a twist of lime. If im drinking Crown Royal Reserve, I drink it straight on the rocks. |||Black label is my default at-home drink, but at times I'll enjoy a Crown Royal.

I typically drink both on the rocks, although I know a lot of folks enjoy the Crown Royal and Coke.|||CR -- beats out JW every time!|||Crown Royal XR very smooth.|||crown royal on the rocks.

smooth as a baby's bottom.

I have a johnnie walker pendent with a number on the back of a striding man society. what does it mean?

The Johnnie Walker Striding Man Society is a loyalty based initiative for a select group of individuals who appreciate the finer things in life etc etc etc.


How many bottles are there in a case of johnnie walker black label?

a box with 1L Johnnie walker Black label|||One dozen (12).|||12|||In the U.K. WERE ITS DISTILLED.12.

Whats the best johnnie walker whiskey?






p.s its a christmas present for my dad. i dont drink!! sheesh!|||Black.

I had a boss who used it as currency on a trip to an Arab country.|||TRUE Johnny Walker Black Label is the best day to day scotch, But if you can afford Gold Label that really is the classest without the higher price tag of Blue Label

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|||JW King George V ,$549.99,but for your purpose ,buy green ,best highend value|||I had the Red Label for the first time a few days ago, pretty good, ran me about 25 bucks for a fifth, however since it is for your dad, maybe go up a couple of price ranges, since they will probably have a higher quality of taste to them. Getting your dad booze.....I can only hope that one day when I have kids and open up presents that there will be booze in them.|||What does he want to it for if it's collecting then black label team Mclaren its limited edition comes with cool tins or box's if its for drinking its got to be gold or green.

blue costs too much and all because most of the distilleries are mothballed to pump up the price.|||Black label is the standard for whisky...anything below that is just bad...i personally prefer gold label..blue label is the priciest...aged about 36 years, oaked....do not even consider red and green label please...those are for when you are low on cash....black label is aged 12 years, gold label 18 years...upto you now|||Johnnie Walker is a blended scotch that costs as much as much higher-quality single malts. Unless your dad has publicly sworn by Johnnie to the exclusion of single malts, you can save some cash and get a much better whiskey by going after a bottle of Laphroaig, Lavagulin, Glenfiddich Solera, etc.|||The best Scotch Whisky is definately Johnnie Walker Swing! Once you've had it the others are a waste of time. Trust Me!|||I'll give you a very simple answer.

BLACK is good, approximately $40.00. GREEN is better, costing around $65.00 . BLUE is the best. This is also the most expensive which could cost around $180.00.

Johnny Black is for weekend lounging. Green is a treat. Blue is for major celebrations. So it's up to you to gauge which of these suit your dad's taste. Goodluck and happy shopping.|||BLUE,It is aged 21 years, smooth and pricy$

Find me Johnnie Walker Blue for a reasonable price?

i have tried ebay. looking for a gift. Gracias.|||159 at a store near me for the 750ml, but for that price I will stick to Black Label and occasionally the Green|||Blue and reasonable aren't possible. JW releases only enough Blue Label to keep the price high, which maintains the image they want. I've seen it from $180 to $230, depending on the location and year and that's essentially what it costs to buy from the distributor. Unless you find someone willing to sell it to you below cost, that's what you're going to pay.

Personally, I'd buy them the Gold. It's nearly as good and around 1/3 the price. Or if you're intent on spending that much, buy them the Gold Label AND the Green Label. They're both quite good.

Which soundtrack is played in "Kimi Raikkonen Johnnie Walker F1 Dogfight" commercial?

That will be the: yo JB yo JB --- The great Jenson Button doest it all! VIVA FORMULA BUTTON!

What's better, johnnie walker or chivas regal?

for those people who loves to drink, please give your honest to goodness answer.|||johnny walker blue label not cheap but good|||I'm not a huge fan of either, I'd say Chivas. But there's multiple varieties of Johnnie Walker - red, blue, black, green - so you really need to specify or open it up to all 'flavors'.|||Some of the Johnny Walker labels are absolutely unaffordable. A glass of Chivas is my preference.|||Johnny Walker Blue is the best. but you have to pay for the best!|||chivas starts at 12 year old and goes up,18,25,50

jw starts at 8 years and 12 ,18 ,25

age for age they are similar .

jw red is not as nice as regular chivas12.comprenday|||johnny walker black label or better|||I prefer Johnnie Walker Black and I like Glenlivet|||Dear sir I'm not a person drink alcholol but i have to say something about your question here. For me i'm not encourage to drink alcohol, its really bad for our health.. Its bettter if we drink friuts juice.. but in western countries the people have to drink alcohol to keep their body hot. This is for whether adjustment, not for good health.. Anywhere if you love to drink, just simple you can test yourself whether, johnnie walker or chivas regal...you will know better rather then ask answer from others..

Is johnnie walker king George v edition meant to be drunk or displayed?

johnnie walker king george v edition is it ment to be drunk|||Both, display the box and the bottle and draw a dram once in a while for special occasions.

I have a bottle of Highland Park 25 year that I display and drink in exactly the same way. Each dram from that bottle has a story about why we drank it.

Wow, good history of Johnny Walker. Blends, no matter how premium, are really made for the export market. Scots drink single malts; the vast majorities of blends are drunk in Japan. But they are meant to be drunk.

I'll keep my Highland Park Bottle once it's empty on display, because it will be full of the special memories we filled it with... always good to have a whisky for that purpose.|||Johnnie Walker

History of Johnnie Walker

Originally known as Walker's Kilmarnock Whisky, the Johnnie Walker brand is a legacy left by John 鈥楯ohnnie鈥?Walker after he started to sell whisky in his grocer鈥檚 shop in Ayrshire, Scotland. The brand became popular, but after Walker's death in 1857 it was his son Alexander Walker and grandson Alexander Walker II who were largely responsible for establishing the scotch as a popular brand. Under John Walker, whisky sales represented eight percent of the firm鈥檚 income; by the time Alexander was ready to pass on the company to his own sons, that figure had increased to between 90 and 95 percent.

Prior to 1860 it was illegal to sell blended (malt and grain mixed together) whisky. During that time John Walker sold a number of whiskys 鈥?notably his own Walker鈥檚 Kilmarnock. In 1865 John鈥檚 son Alexander produced their first blend, Walker鈥檚 Old Highland.

Alexander Walker first introduced the iconic square bottle in 1870. The other identifying characteristic of the bottle is the label, which is applied at an angle of 24 degrees.

From 1906鈥?909 John鈥檚 grandsons George and Alexander II expanded the line and introduced the colour names. In 1908, when James Stevenson was the Managing Director, there was a re-branding of sorts. The whisky was renamed from Walker's Kilmarnock Whiskies to Johnnie Walker Whisky. In addition, the slogan, "Born 1820 鈥?Still going Strong!" was created, along with the Striding Man, a figure used in their advertisements for around fifty years.

They dropped Johnnie Walker White during World War I. In 1932, Alexander II added Johnnie Walker Swing to the line.

Johnnie Walker continues to be blended in Kilmarnock, with a large plant just north of the town's railway station. The historic bonded warehouses and company offices (now local authority) can still be seen in Strand Street and John Finnie Street.


For most of its history Johnnie Walker only offered a few blends. In recent years there have been several special and limited bottlings.

Standard blends

Red %26amp; Cola 鈥?a premix of Red Label and cola, sold in cans and beer-bottle like bottles.

Red Label 鈥?a blend of around 35 grain and malt whiskies. It is intended for making mixed drinks. 80 proof. 40% ABV.

Black Label 鈥?a blend of about 40 whiskies, each aged at least 12 years. According to William Manchester this was the favorite Scotch of Winston Churchill. 80 proof. 40% ABV.

Johnnie Walker Swing 鈥?supplied in a distinctive bottle whose irregular bottom allows it to rock back and forth. It was Alexander II鈥檚 last blend: it features a high proportion of Speyside malts, complemented by malts from the northern Highlands and Islay, and is "almost as sweet as a bourbon."

Green Label 鈥?a vatted malt that is a blend of about 15 individual single malts, the signature malts being Talisker, Cragganmore, Linkwood, and Caol Ila 鈥?Aged 15 years. 86 proof. 43% ABV. Previously sold under the name 'Pure Malt'.

Gold Label 鈥?a blend of over 15 single malts, including the very rare Clynelish malt. It was derived from Alexander II's blending notes for a whisky to commemorate Johnnie Walker's centenary. His original efforts were thwarted by a shortage of these malts following World War I. Gold Label is commonly bottled at 15 or 18 years. 80 proof. 40% ABV.

Blue Label 鈥?Johnnie Walker's premium blend. Every bottle is serial numbered and sold in a silk-lined box, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. There is no age declaration for Blue Label although its information booklet states that some of the blends used are "up to 60 years old". 80 proof.

Special/limited bottlings

"Johnnie Walker Black Label Anniversary Edition" 1908鈥?008

Millennium Edition 鈥?a collectors edition of 12 year old Black Label was released in limited amounts in the year 2000.

Deco 鈥?a very limited number of 350 ml bottles were produced in beautiful Art Deco-designed bottles, hence the name of this blend.

Premier 鈥?a blend aimed specifically at the Japanese market.

Swing Superior 鈥?a limited edition variety based on the Swing blend, marked by its distinctive golden label. 86.8 proof.

1939 Swing


Johnnie Walker 1820

Liquer Whisky

21 year old 鈥?a rare aged variation of Gold Label.

Quest 鈥?a very special blend, rarer than Blue Label.

Honour 鈥?one of the most rare and most expensive blends of Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky.

Excelsior 鈥?a very rare double matured Scotch whisky, distilled in 1947, bottled in 1997.

Old Harmony 鈥?a rare blend marketed at the Japanese market. Very expensive.

15 year old Kilmarnock 400 Whisky 鈥?an extremely rare Gold Label blend bottled to mark the 400th anniversary of the granting of burgh status to Kilmarnock. Released in 1992 in very limited amounts.

150 years Anniversary 1820鈥?970 鈥?the second most expensive of Johnnie Walker whiskies.

Blue Label 200th Anniversary 鈥?2005 saw Johnnie Walker's

Would like to sell old bottle of Johnnie Walker Black.?

The bottle is still sealed and was my grandfathers. Part of the original tax stamp is still intact. The label is raised glass.|||The whiskey will be of very little commercial interest except to avid collectors. And probably the same with the bottle as well. You are going to need specialist help with this. I would suggest getting in touch with Johnnie Walker themselves and also approach auction houses, they have specialist drinks departments. Christies, Sothebys or Bonhams are all reputable houses. Good luck, hope you make a few bob. One good thing with it though is that you can confirm the provenance of it to the auction houses, that always makes a difference.|||i agree that only a collector would be interested.

there is a good chance that, though still intact, the seal has leaked over the years.|||I am interested, where are you located? And what do you want for it?

Plus, I would need to see pics of the seal and the label.



INDIA.|||scotch whisky society

Does anyone know about The Johnnie Walker Foundation? Any information on it?

Any information will do thanx|||http://www.fraudwatchers.org/forums/show鈥?/a>

What does it mean to look at someone with johnnie walker eyes?

I heard it in 'speechless' by lady gaga.|||Johnny Walker is a whiskey, they're referring to having drank too much and waking up with blood shot eyes.|||They've drunk too much Johnny Walker whiskey.

Is johnnie walker black label a good starter scotch? What is your opinion?

i'm a seasoned scotch drinker and i like johnny black even though it is a blend. it has a pretty good value as it's not too pricey but tastes decent enough. it used to be like half the price it is these days so perhaps i just became accustomed to the flavor as it was for many, many years, my low-end scotch solution. you can't drink top notch scotch every time, so in that regard i think it is just fine.|||Like it or not, it is so darn common, and relatively cheap, that it just ends up being what most people get introduced to as their first scotch. Sorta how like Jack Daniels is to bourbon.|||If you can afford Gold label its so much better (even though its still a blend). Will run you around $70 but IMO is almost as good as blue.|||Yes, it is a very smooth and well aged scotch. Which probably makes for a good starter scotch.|||Haig %26amp; Haig or Cutty Sark would be a good starter booze

What do you like better - Johnnie Walker Black or Jack Daniels?

Jack|||I've never had JWB, so I like JD better.|||Johnnie Walker Black|||JWB|||id say black is more powerful.. but jack and coke is so tasty! sour mash!|||Johnnie Walker Black.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label?

I recently received the 4 pack special case of the Johnnie Walker whiskeys. The red, black, gold and BLUE one. I have tried the others but know that the Blue Label is a special kind. Should I drink it or save it? 200ml bottles so they are pretty small.

Im dying to try it but the chances of me ever coming across it again are slim to none. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!|||Drink it. It is wonderful! I personally would wait until a very cold night this winter, maybe a special occasion, but I would only share it with someone special who would appreciate it. Maybe the person who bought it for you.

It will definitely put a glow on you. It is peat nectar!

Enjoy, I'm jealous.|||keep it for a special day it will mean more|||I think you should drink it the very next time you wish to enjoy some scotch. I have kept Johnnie Walker Blue label (as well as Gold and Black) around for years. It isn't the best scotch out there, and is certainly not the best for the price, but everyone should try it at least once. It is a blended scotch made with several different ones including Royal Lochnagar. I don't remember whether the 200 ml bottles are numbered or not, but larger bottles are given a number. You should be able to find in around the country. If you are ever out of the country, buy it at a duty free shop, it should save you about $100. If you are looking for some other great scotches, that maybe aren't so pricey, try Macallan 18 year old, or Balvenie 21 yo Port Wood. They are both excellent.|||You'll come across it again if you want to buy it. The sell it in the ABC store here in Virginia (Special order if not in the store). Go ahead and try it, what if you die tonight? Atleast it won't be wasted. That's my approach to things in life.|||I usually drink Johnny Walter Red when I'm out. I prefer Pinch, but few places have it. However, Johnny Walker Blue is the very, very best. You can buy it in Ohio in the liquor stores by the fifth. Try it, you'll LOVE it!!|||Whenever but drink it by itself so you can appreciate it. Don't whip it out some night after a 6-pack of bud.|||Aron W has named so excellent and less expensive Single Malt alternatives to Johnny Blue. I might also add an even less expensive 10yr old Aberlour to his list which rivals the taste, smoothness, and complexity of many 15yr olds.|||Blue is not a cheap bottle. You should save it for a special occasion that is worth the bottle. It is not hard to find...most liquor stores can order it for you if they do not have it. You should buy the 1.75 litre bottle to be well off. The size of the bottle you have sounds like a mini. If that is the case, drink it because you need to try it. This will also determine if you purchase another bottle of it in the near future. I can speak for others that have tried it when I say that it is SMOOTH as silk and tastes like nothing else I have ever drank. Good times!!!

What's your favorite color of Johnnie Walker besides Blue?

Mine is Red.

I do prefer scotch on the rocks though.

Peace, Love %26amp; Happiness|||Black.|||Green, it's fantastic. I think I like it because it's blended using, amongst other malts, caol ila and talisker both of which are amonst my favourite malts. It's also pretty well priced. Almost a bargain to be honest.|||I tried some Green at Christmas. We bought a bottle for a friend, and he shared it around. Excellent.|||green. but personally, i'd much much rather have a single malt

How can i do a silk lined box? (like the ones of champagne or Johnnie Walker Blue)?

i need to do something like this: http://www.sweetpromotions.co.uk/speciality/index.htm

where my object will fit.|||http://allwomencentral.com/article/10046鈥?/a>|||That looks more like satin to my eyes. What you'd do is get your box and some extra cardboard. Get some lightweight padding (quilt batting or fiberfill or even fleece fabric) and your satin. Get a good all-purpose white glue.

Use the extra cardboard to make a shape your item will easily fit into. Better cut it the holes little too big than too small, since you're going to add padding. Make this so it will stand easily inside your box. Cover the top side of this with the padding. Cover the whole thing with the satin, using plenty so you can push it down into any recessions you've made for your item. Carefully turn it over and glue it or tape it into place. If you prefer to use tape, use a heavy-duty type. Scotch tape (cello tape) is too flimsy for this application.|||white styrofoam block and a knife waxed with candle wax to cut the foam(Styrofoam) these blocks are found at craft stores or wal-mart craft centers some lowes..

you will need to cut to size so maybe measuring your box before going to store

note depth of box styrofoam and object+silk

wax the exato knife or your foam will be shedding and not as easy to cut the shapes for the items. cut away untill object fits snug against the styrofoam. do place a piece of tape in the object grove to hold fabric.

Silk can be mounted with 2 sided tape onto the styrofoam.

using the styrofoam will give this professional look and be stable.

What is your opinion of johnnie walker black label?

It's my favourite in its genre. (I usually drink bourbon, tequila or vodka)|||who is that?|||Hhhhmmmm, very good neat. Warm and soothing down the throat in little sips.....or over a couple of rocks with a spritz of tonic water......|||very good

not for rookie drinkers|||It's my blended scotch of preference, very good for the price. I love the warm, honey notes.|||I like it. It tastes great neat or with just a splash of water.

But when I want scotch, I usually spend a few bucks more and get Glenlivet 12 year.|||So good!!

What font is adobe photoshop is closest to the one used on the 'Johnnie Walker Black' label for the words...

... For the words 'Johnnie Walker'. If there isnt the exact one available, one that is close?|||Johnnie Walker logo font, handwriting / script type




machiarge ~close


archive roundface script,



..|||there maybe other, keep searching,鈽?

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How much is the monthly sales of Johnnie Walker products in Malaysia?

They sell a lotta things including Golf accessories,merchandise,spirits.

What exactly you want to know??


I just got some Johnnie Walker Black Label (12 year) blended scotch. How do I drink it (straight, rocks, etc)?

Since it's a blended Scotch, it's balanced to be drinkable on its own with no additives, so straight is a great way to enjoy it. If you want to see how the flavor can change over time depending on temperature and dilution, then on the rocks is the way to go. I wouldn't say adding water would do much, since it is a blended Scotch, but if you want to go diluted for a first taste just to let your palette get the hang of it, go for it. Whatever water you use for -- whether as ice or liquid -- be sure to make sure it's cold and comes from a glass bottle. Tap water is a no-no.

Once you enjoy your Black Label, don't hesitate to give the single-malts a try.|||depends on your tastes? some like plain,ice cubes,or add a soft drink. i cannot answer that speaking on my behalf i do not like scotch,whiskey or strong drinks,

try it straight and see if it suits you..|||I rarely drink the hard stuff but when I do I like Scotch. I like to sip it straight. Enjoy the smell, It's awesome. Don't drink too much because It will give you a nasty hangover.|||On the rocks or add a little water if you like.

Where can i buy a bottle of johnnie walker white label?

where can i buy a bottle of johnnie walker white label, in victoria|||You may have to check an auction. Sadly, it hasn't been produced since World War I.

The striding man society Johnnie Walker scotch whiskey.what do I look under?

questioneer for Johnnie Walker red|||JohnnieWalker.com The web site has a link to it, but the page doesn't seem to be loading correctly.|||Here's a place to get started:


Or, more directly...:


Ordering online from QC, Canada, where can I buy Johnnie Walker The Collection (four 200ml bottles)?

I'm also looking for the Johnny Walker Swing bottle (35 varities of blended whisky)|||good luck

the problem is its illegal to ship alcohol privately over international borders

doesn't look like liquor stores in canada have much of an online presence, likely there are laws against it or that affect it

your best bet:

go to the largest store in your area that sells Johnnie Walker

if they don't have this collection, they can order if from their distributor. if they can't do this, its not available in your area or possibly your country.

Where can I find a bottle of johnnie walker swing?

Here's a site, hope it helps.|||Have you tried looking in a liquor store honey or was that too much for you?|||Go to your local liquor store, most of them will order something in if they do not have it in stock.|||at the bottom of a bar|||you dont know

Have you ever had "JOHNNIE WALKER GREEN LABEL"? Did you enjoy the Johnnie Walker GREEN LABEL?

* How does Johnnie Walker Green Label compare to all other Johnnie Walker color label brands?

* How much does Johnnie Walker Green Label cost?

* Where does Johnnie Walker Green Label rank in the order of best to worst Johnnie Walker color label brands?|||The labeling system used is (from worst to best) Red, Black, Swing, Green, Gold, Blue.

Red is intended for making mixed drinks.

Black is probably the lowest level you'd want to consider drinking by itself. It's perfectly acceptable for this purpose if you're not a scotch aficionado.

Green is getting to be pretty good. Perfectly acceptable to serve this to guests on the rocks. Green label runs about $75-100 per bottle.

Gold is what you'd buy for yourself if you're particular about your scotch, or perhaps give as a gift to a good friend. Gold runs about $100 a bottle.

Blue Label is the top dog - about $200-250 a bottle.|||I have found the Green and the Gold Label to cost about the same ($65 or $75 a fifth). It is a little more on the peat side then the gold label.

I would rank Johhine Walker from worst to best in this order, Worst Red then Black then Green then Gold and finely Blue.|||I have only had Green and Black .. found the green better but it costs twice as much here in Texas, if I'm not mistaken from best to worst it's blue, gold, green, black, red.

Found a bottle of johnnie walker in my wall shelf, stored since 2004 is it safe to consume?

Once a spirit has been bottled it never ever changes because unlike other alcoholic beverages there is nothing living in there that would survive to make any changes. In wines and beers etc., you have organisms still at work hence them going sour etc., weatherman and the others are correct except the ones who are wrong.|||as long as the seal hasn't been broken, it will be fine.|||Absolutely safe.

"...cos one shot s gonna drop you."

This is idiotic. The alcohol content won't have changed a bit.|||YES

It's 40% alcohol so won't go off

EDIT: Are half the answerers here 10 years old ........... "one shots gonna drop you", "as long as the seal hasn't been broken", "it's not safe" .......... It's perfectly safe no matter if the seal was broken or not, and it's no stronger now than when it was bottled.|||why do you think the aged stuff costs more? Leave it on the shelf for another 5 years|||as long as it is a sealed bottle ithink it shouldbe ok to drink. cheers|||Yes, Liquor does not go bad sitting on a shelve....|||It should be the same as the day it was purchased. What label is it? Happy drinking!|||Yes but have some sober folks arround cos one shot s gonna drop you.|||yes a vintage|||no its really not safe

Why is johnnie walker black label disgusting the first time i try it?

Johnny Walker Black label is not a smooth blended scotch, so its an aquired taste. The red is a little smoother and the Blue Label is very smooth about like sipping liquid silk. Each has it's own flavor and each costs different due to age and blend. Both the Red and Black are great for mixing into coke over ice, but the Blue is well worth drinking straight in a neat glass with a lime wedge, or lemon wedge.|||Because you have not learned how to use your pallette. Or you are young and your taste hasn't grown up yet. Trust me, it's you, not the scotch.|||I dont like any of the Johnny Walkers|||It is poisen....

Why is johnnie walker black label disgusting the first time i try it?

it takes time to appreciate scotch. at 21-25, i hated it. it grew on me. there are lots of types. try chiviss, it is smoother than most lower level johnny's. johnny is among the highest quality scotches there is when u get into the gold and blue labels. try it with water and ice(sounds crazy.but true)|||Smartie Pants is right. Scotch is something you have to learn to like. I don't think anyone likes it the first time. If you learn to like it, it is most likely to be because you like what it does for you. Later on you'll learn to notice the complexity of flavors and admire the artwork that was put into making a really beautiful whiskey.|||yeah you either drink it till you like it, or not at all, i personally only drink it when i have to, and prefer a higher quality scoth/whiskey|||Scotch is an acquired taste. Its different.

Why is johnnie walker black label disgusting the first time i try it?


Which Johnnie Walker to chose for celebrating Easter this weekend?

Which JW should i chose for celebrating coming up Easter?

Any think except Blue label i don't have money on it thanks

So which one do you recommend and WHY?

Plus how do you recommend drinking it? How do you usually do? Or what way would you do this time to celebrate this Easter?|||Johnnie Walker Red/Black Label. ( I do not buy it.)

Drink it with a splash of water.

I drink Scotch with a splash of water-more.

No difference on Easter Day than any other day, I drink Scotch with a splash of water-more.

Does johnnie walker black label have a screw cap or cork? if it has a cork, can i open it without a corkscrew?

I've never seen it with a cork, always a screw cap for black label.

Even if a bottle is sealed with a cork, you don't need a corkscrew to open it (Except in the cases of wines and select other drinks). When whiskies, vodkas, rums, etc are sealed with corks, the cork will have a cap on the top that makes it easy to just pull out of the bottle.|||No liquor that I'm aware of requires a corkscrew to open.|||Best to go to the store and see for yourself. It could vary by location, you know.

LOL so you ask an employee? How hard can that be?

How many colored labels does Johnnie Walker have and why?

There are 5 different brands of Johnnie Walker scotch, each represented by a specific label colour

Red is 8 years old, and not very good.

Black label is a delicious 12 year blend, a respectable scotch

Green label is an interesting 15 year blend

Gold label is 18 years, and quite good

Blue label is not designated by age, but rather is a blend of the rarest and finest scotch whiskys available at the time of distillation, it is highly sought after and very, very good.

There are also specialtiy brands, such as Blue Label: King George V edition, but they are just re-bottled versions of the common labels, sometimes with special blends/aging processes added.|||I have only seen red, black and blue. Wanted to try a shot of Blue the other night but when the barman asked 40$ US i settled for black. Liked it better than Chivas Regal.|||There is 5 different ones: Black, Red, Gold, Green, Blue

They were blended in their own distinctive way|||4. Black is not a color; it is the absence of color.

What do you think about Johnnie Walker black!?

My friend really likes it but i never tried it what is the taste like is it harsh smooth, if you taking shots maybe burning down or what is it?|||As far as blended Scotch goes, it does the trick, but I'd take an Irish whiskey over it any day. Now for a single malt I would recommend the Macallan, or quite possibly Glenmorangie, older is better (read: smoother). Don't be afraid to add some water to release the full aroma, although I myself would never do such a thing.

Incidentally, if you have a chance to try Valt, you should do so. Scotland's only single malt vodka.

Edit: If you're interested in Irish whiskey I highly recommend Jameson. It's inexpensive, so you won't be kicking yourself if you decide you're not a whisky guy.|||Its great stuff.. 1 shot 2 ice cubes in a short glass sip and enjoy all of the flavors!!|||I cant stand any of the Johnnie Walker drinks. They are a little harsh to me.|||overpriced swill

Do you get giddy with anticipation when you pour yourself a glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch?

I used to ... although it's a very good scotch, a 750ml bottle represents more than 20% of my monthly budget therefore such indulgences are few and far between.|||No.

I prefer malt whisky to blended.

Did you know blended contains a large proportion of grain spirit is made from maize - no taste simply for alcohol.|||Blue label? Heck, no, that's for washing dishes.|||No, but I get giddy when I pour Ketel One vodka|||nope

POLL: Did you ever get to read the letter that Johnnie Walker Red?

I hear that it was Labeled as Scottish.|||Nope. I only used to read Johnnie Walker Black labels.|||No. I missed all the warning signs. Darn!

Which is more expensive, Chivas Regal or Johnnie Walker?

Im mean if you compare prices of the same blend ages bottle.

12 years Johnnie Walker - 12 years Chivas Regal

18 years Johnnie Walker - 18 years Chivas Regal

etc...|||As far as I know, Chivas has always been top top shelf. But JW would probably be close.|||It would be Johnny Walker Black Label here.

Difference in Price, Quality of the Johnnie Walker's Whiskey line?

blue is the best and goes for around 200 per bottle. black is middle of the road and around 25 a bottle (i like black). red sucks. They are all smoother than a traditional single malt because they are blended. You can add about 20 bucks per upgrade until you get to the blue which is ridiculously good but also insanely expensive. you can get blue duty free for around 160 a bottle

Does anyone know where I can find a moderately priced Johnnie Walker Label collection?

Any websites? Outlets? Hookups lol.. anything at all? I'm desperate!!|||Your best bet is going to be to piece it together bottle by bottle. Check web sites for best prices and buy when they are cheap.

Blue Label is fluctuating between $175 and $230 in stores and on line--so try to pick up close to $175.

Green and Gold are good ones to buy on line also.

Black and Red are pretty stable in local stores- so buy them there.

Was drinking blue label today for easter.|||Have fun, and remember, slow and steady wins the race!

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|||Try craigslist.com|||Beverages and More....

www.bevmo.com|||who/what is "johnnie walker"|||Srailroad is right.

Blue Label can readily be found much cheaper out of the country, the Bahamas in particular as I've read. One more good excuse for a vacation!

How much is this johnnie walker bottle worth?

johnnie walker black label extra special measured in pints has wooden cork never opened still in original box with orig wrapping paper any help would be appriciated|||about $250 last time i checked

Johnnie Walker Black or Chivas 12yrs?

Choose one between those 2, even if there are better other choices. Please tell me why also you selected either one.|||I'd take Chivas 12yr if a gun was held to my head. Johnnie Black is just a small step above the Red - they're both too young and the whiskeys they blend into them are still too harsh - too much burn and no well-rounded flavors.

Cheers|||I enjoy Chivas better. Just personal taste, more then anything else.|||I prefer Johnnie Black - personal taste. I'm quite happy with Chivas too|||Years ago, at a bar I was running, we had a blind taste test between Walker's Black and Chivas. Walker's Black won hands down.

.|||Johnnie black for straight drinking|||Johnnie Walker is the best bcoz it is having a smoothness like water and kick like a poetry|||chivas 12yr, because i think its smoother

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Where can I find full results for the 1994 Johnnie Walker World Championship (not the Johnnie Walker Classic)?

I'm pretty sure Ernie Els won, but not 100%. I need the full results to settle a bet!|||greg norman

What age is a johnnie walker red label without the walking man on on the label?

Johnny Walker red label is the world's bes selling brand at 120 million bottles a year.

The striding man with the logo 'Born 1820 - still going strong' is it's age.

http://scotchwhisky.net/blended/johnnie_鈥?/a>|||8 years

Why isn't Johnnie Walker whisky available in Britain?

Because you can get Ballantine's there dirt cheap and it's totally way better.|||Possibly because Brits know how a good scotch should taste and JW ain't it.|||I know that the black label is definately availible in this country as my company buys it in on a regular basis.|||It is. Black and red label are available in supermarkets. Not sure about blue label but I have seen it in bars and restaurants.|||It is???|||That's like taking coal to Newcastle!|||It is widely available in the U.K.!!! There was some controvosy some years ago, and one of the labels was withdrawn, but it is freely available now.

Why Johnnie walker blue is so expensive?

Johnnie Walker's ultimate blend. Every bottle is serial numbered and sold in a silk-lined box, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Although no age is declared, it is believed many of the whiskies blended are aged for 50 to 60 years.

Buy Cheapest Blue Label and Free Shipping In USA at WineGlobe Store

http://www.wineglobe.com/12616.html|||It is well made and aged. The wine globe said this about it and it why it is so expensive.

Aromas: Rich vanilla, with smokiness of peat, sweet wood, spicy notes.

Body: Luxuriously dense, rich and smooth. Palette, Nutty, creamy, citrus, a hint of pepper.

Finish: Long and deep, a rare complexity.

Enjoy it: Neat or on the rocks.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label's intense and luxurious nature recalls the authentic character and taste of the pioneering 19th Century Walker blends. A toasty, sweet aroma is complemented by a peaty and spicy taste that develops into heady flavours of oak, dark-chocolate and rich fruitcake. Comprising just 16 of the world's rarest whiskies, Blue Label's appeal to true Scotch connoisseurs rests on the blend's dominant Islay malt whisky, balanced by several rich Speyside malts that have undergone exceptional periods of sherry oak maturation.

Is it safe to drink johnnie walker black and royal salute (21 yrs old) after 20 years of their purchase?

Of course you can.

They will still count as the age they were when bottled, and won't have improved, but will be just as good as they were when originally bought|||Absolutely not, you obviously know very little about Scotch Whisky. It's far safer to send it to me where I (as an expert) will sample it carefully and let you know the results. If however you do not trust me then feel free to drink it, it will do you no harm. The actual age once it's been bottled is irrelevant, it's the cask age that matters.|||Drink the JW Black. But for the Royal Salute I would get in touch with one of the auction houses, Sotheby's, Christies, Bonhams etc, and also Chivas Regal about the Royal Salute. You just never know.|||Yes. As long as they have a high alcohol content they are safe to drink and have been stored in their original bottles and not some other container that might be contaminated with something.|||Yes of course if in Original bottle and sealed properly.|||HAHAHA YES!!!!!!!!!! Why wouldn't you be able to, the longer alcohol sits the better its suppose to be(so what i've heard)|||Yes, but you would probably get a good few quid for them from some collectors.|||it's alcohol, for crying out loud. what's going to go wrong with it? it's a preservative.|||absolutely. yum

How much does a glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label cost at a bar?

A glass eh? Might as well buy the whole bottle. But for the record, last bar I was at that would have sold me a shot, wanted 40 bucks.|||If you have to ask you can't afford it.|||Whatever it is, it isnt worth it. I like the gold better myself.|||depends on the bar u are at but it is around US $80

Jack Daniels or Johnnie Walker?

If you had a choice and money wasn't the issue, which would you drink?|||If money wasn't the issue... it would be neither of them.

How about Laphroig.....or Dalwhinnie if you are after a good whiskey.

Over $300 a bottle....but worth it.|||Taste it....and you will know.

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|||Sour mash or Scotch.....Old #7 wins!|||Jack.. always Jack|||it is johny walker|||With these 2, money is never an issue.|||rum rum rum rum rum rum

Try it, you'll like it.

But if I couldn't have rum, I would take the J.D.|||johnnie walker by far keep the j d|||jack....jack...and jack|||Although they are both whiskey's, Jack Daniels is American and is in the class of bourbon. Very good whiskey.

Johnnie Walker is a scotch Whisky (made in Scotland of course) and has a very different taste. Tends to be slightly smokey.

There are different quality of Johnnie Walker: Red Label (regular), Black Label (Better), Johnnie Walker Black 12 (much better), Johnnie Walker Gold 18 (much much better) and Johnnie Walker Blue (The Ultimate)

To answer your question: Johnnie Walker Blue|||Jack is a sour mash whiskey and Johnny is a scotch - not really apples and apples here. I'd go with Jack. I like my whiskey a little on the sweet side. Better still is Makers Mark!|||You gotta know Jack!!!!|||jack|||Johnnie Walker hands down.

Johnnie Walker is Scotch, my preference 50 years ago.

Never could stand the smell of Whiskey.

Who am I to ask?

I haven't had a drink for 45 years.

I go for coffee, tea or water.

Now I have to settle for Arthritis, you know he is one of those Ritis brothers. lol.|||I'm not big on Scotch, So I would have to say JD, Money is never an issue....|||Jack of course.

Why is johnnie walker black label disgusting the first time i try it?

It takes years to make it , so it takes years to learn to enjoy it.

What's the best Johnnie Walker whiskey?

What is the difference between all the labels? Which one is the best? I want to purchase the best one for a friend who loves whiskey.|||Well, Johnnie Walker comes in 4 different color labels. Black, red, gold and blue, in that order and starting with black on up the whiskey is aged longer and the older the whiskey the smother the taste. Price ranging from $20 (Blk label) to $$300+ (Blue label) Blue label is very hard to find in stock so you may have to order it. If you find it at a very reasonable price, please e-mail me and let me know where you found it. I have tried all labels and they are all great, just finished a 5th of Red label lastnight.

Good luck.

Kenya L. Marshall

kenyalmarshall@hotmail.com|||If you live near a Costco, I picked up a bottle of Blue there for $160.00.

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|||Forget all of the labels.... once you try Crown Royal you'll never go back.|||Nobody mentioned Green Label.|||Blue http://www.johnniewalker.com/en-us/OurLa鈥?/a>

The outstanding collection includes Red Label - the Vibrant Blend - a favourite choice for celebrating every day and Black Label - the Definitive Blend - a deep and complex flavour. Gold Label - the Luxurious Blend - offers an indulgent experience, whilst Blue Label - the Rarest Blend - is created from the rarest and most expensive whiskies in the world. http://www.johnniewalker.com/en-us/OurLa鈥?/a>|||Black is the best (thus the higher price)|||Red is the lowest, black is better than red, gold is better than black, and blue is the best. Johnnie Walker is scotch whiskey which is really different than regular whiskey.|||Black|||JOHNNIE WALKER BLACK LABEL

Does anyone know what the worth of a Johnnie Walker Black Label stilled sealed with a cork. Not a screw top.?

I kept the bottle on it's side to preserve the cork. So far no leakage.|||Scotch doesn't mature once it is in the bottle, only while it is still in the barrel

and since JW Black is a mass produced blended Scotch (far from a rare collectible whisky), I seriously doubt it would be worth any more now that what you paid for it, excepting inflation

might as well drink it|||It depends on the size. 750ml is usually 40-50$ and higher for larger bottles.

My friend was hit in the back of the head with the corner of a Johnnie Walker bottle?

He said he "almost died", then half his face was paralysed, now he has "one eye open and one eye closed". Looks like Popeye. Will he ever look normal?|||I doubt it. Even if he looks normal his brain will never be the same. When any part of the body gets stressed it never fully recovers......scar tissue has formed....never ever|||I hope so. I got blind on Johnnie Walker once. I recovered.|||perhaps|||No.|||He will recover and become normal again. I hope he is taking proper care and treatment.

What whisky should i buy? Johnnie Walker Red or Ballantine's Finest?

I have to buy a bottle of whisky for my friend's party, he put me on a tight budget and i can't buy any of the better whiskys i enjoy (single malts). I narrowed it down to these two, hope i can make a decision by tomorrow. Thanks.|||Dig deep and show up with a good bottle of Crown Royal.|||Ewww, no. God no. Get a bottle of bourbon.

Johnnie Walker scotch red or Makers mark bourbon red?

I havent tried scotch or bourbon before, and was wondering which one i should try first?

And which one tastes better?|||Few people are going to judge these on quality concerns but rather by reputation. Scotch has a pedigree of snobbery so many people will associate quality of the J Walker as better. I prefer Scotches that are light on the smoke or Bourbons that are very mellow. I'll take the Walker here.|||There's quite a bit of difference between the two...Scotch has a less sweet flavor with a smoky finish due to the malt being roasted over a peat fire, and Maker's Mark is a bourbon, sweeter and smooth, the malt is not toasted, and the limestone water used to produce bourbon (in Kentucky exclusively) gives the liquor a smooth finish with very little bite.

If you're 21 or older, try Maker's, Johnny Walker is a little bit more of an acquired taste. If you're not, stay out of it, jail isn't fun.|||Maker's Mark is is one of the top quality Bourbons. Johnnie Walker is one of the mediocre blended Scotches and the Red Label is their worst and cheapest whisky.|||I say niehter, try glenfiddich, much better. very smooth.|||Makers mark is very smooth and is worth the money. JW red is nothing special.|||Neither. Try Johnnie Walker Black Label it is far better than the Red Label. Dont know anything about Makers Mark.|||Maker's when you turn 21, neither until then.|||I'm a Makers misses myself :-). Nice and cold...ummmmm|||idk

Glenfiddich 12 Year or Johnnie Walker Black Label?

I've got 35 or 40 dollars to spend on some nice whiskey. What should i go for?|||I've never been a fan of Glenfiddich, but it can be fun to try different single malts. That being said, the Black label is a superior scotch and a very nice blend.

I will say that if you can pony up another $20, Johnnie Walker Green Label is, in my opinion, the best bang for your buck when it comes to good blended scotch.|||That depends. It mostly depends on what you like, but also on what you're using it for.

The Glenfiddich 12 is a single malt scotch. In many quarters, the title 'single malt' carries with it a certain cachet - it impresses people. As far as taste goes, however, the 'fiddich 12 is pretty mediocre. It's light, not terribly expressive, and only moderately smooth.

The Johnnie Black, OTOH, is a blended scotch. While some people look down on blends, this is more because of all the dirt cheap blends, than any actual commentary on blended scotches themselves. While it's true that a random single malt will generally be better than a random blend (and pricier), individual malts vs individual blends don't always work out that way. Blends also, not having the same snob appeal, tend to be a bit better value. The JWB is a fuller whiskey, with a bit of smoke to it.

If I was drinking it for myself, I'd take the JWB anyday. It's more versatile, better value, and, in my opinion, tastier. The Glenfiddich 12, however, may impress some people (but not real scotch afficinados).

There are also lots of other scotches at that price range, but they have very different flavour profiles, and it would be impossible to say which one would suit you best without knowing more about you.

Happy drinking!|||Are those the only two whiskies in your imagination (or liquor store) there are over 3000 (three thousand) different Malts ....if you start NOW and have different bottle every month....you will not have tasted them all before you die.|||Of those two? The JW Black. I'm a single malt fan generally, but Gfiddich 12 doesn't do it for me.

For that price, I'd get Balvenie 10, Jura 10 or Aberlour 10 instead. On the blend side, I'd go Dewars 12 or Grouse.|||I say, go for a nice 12 or maybe 10 year old Macallan Sherry Cask whiskey. Everyone loves it, very good value for the price, and plus it tastes amazing! Have fun drinking!|||Johnnie Walker Black is a very smooth whiskey.If you have ever had the red you will really see the difference|||Black Label....|||I would go with Glenfiddich Malt....|||Black Label for me

Have you ever seen Johnnie Walker Green, Gold, or Blue label Scotch Whiskey on sale at a grocery store?

I am a fan of Red, but mainly Black label and i wanted to try the higher qualities. I was just wondering if i should wait and see if they go on sale or if they are brands that never go on sale. I recently got black label on sale and was curious about the others.|||High-end liquor stores carry J. Walker Blue. They normally shelve that stuff high atop the other sauces.

How much is a bottle of Johnnie Walker blue label worth?

200 ml|||If you're lucky and find a sale, it might be $160. Count on $200 - $220. If you buy it online for $80 bucks or so, bet you get taxed before you can pick it up.

Oh, by the way, it's worth every nickel. Best damned scotch I've ever had. I keep a bottle on the shelves. I start saving to buy one the minute I buy one!|||Google shopping prices vary from about $50 to $150

prices and forms of payment vary greatly around the world

even in the US one state can be much more because of taxes than another state

just be forewarned, if you are interested in selling a bottle, you need to be licenced to resell in most of the world, otherwise you could have the government after you... if you are looking to buy, check a local liquor store, if they don't have it on hand, they might be able to find it on their distributor list and give you prices.|||$69.99

http://www.anconaswine.com/sku11655.html鈥?/a>|||Johnnie Walker Scotch Sample Pack 200ml - $97.69

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch Whiskey - 750ml - $169.00|||a 200mL is prob worth like $30

The 200mL is one of a four pack of Johnnie Walker Sampler Red, Black, Gold, and Blue|||I have never seen Blue Label in a 200ml size may want to check online.

Standard size is 750ml and on sale I can get that in the 150$ US range.|||Worth doo doo. You will pay much more for it though.|||About $60|||you can get $70-$100 for it easy!|||Here in Brazil it costs aproacch R$700,00, in a bottle of 1 lt|||Like 100-150 depending on where you live.|||like 200

What is the difference between an original and a fake johnnie walker black label bottle?

Black label isn't expensive enough that it's worth faking, so it's likely that you're not going to experience a fake.

Blue label is another story...

Does anyone know the value of a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label?

I bought it in a small store for about 20 bucks, and I know it's worth much more than that. I don't have the original box that it came in...every other bottle that I can find that is a genuine Blue Label runs close to $200. The person I bought it from said it was 56 years old, and I know it has a small medallion with the initials JW hanging from a small tassle on the cork. It's never been opened, and I don't plan on opening it anytime soon. :)|||in Australia a bottle costs between $230-250, so max around $210 American dollars. strange they can do it for that price, when you include importing it and sticking on new alcohol information labels...|||When I got married last year my father in law got me a 750ml bottle of Blue. He said it was about $200 but after a rebate it was around $180. Mmmmm.. I love Johnny Walker...!!! can't afford anything but the Red or Black though. That bottle of blue was a treat!!! I made it last about 8 months before it was all gone.|||The bottle usually sells for like 200-250 bucks like you said...that is smooth sipping stuff there...the green label is good also|||I paid about 150 for a 750ml bottle on a cruise ship (duty free)|||Here in Pennsylvania, it's $199.99 plus tax (750 ml) at the state liquor stores.

Open it! Drink it!

What is the johnnie walker font?

i need the johnnie walker font of media studies stage 2.

and also where can i download it from?

also any links to their older logo's would be awesome :)|||wish I could help...

Mmm... gonna enjoy a glass right now : )|||What kind of fags would give thumbs down to a fellow scotch lover? ffs, get a clue...

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What should i do with my empty Johnnie Walker blue bottle?

should i keep it or throw it in the bin ....is it worth keeping

can someone please help i have no idea |||recycle it, used alcohol bottles are next to worthless.

The only exceptions are the hand-cut crystal decanters that Macallan 50yo scotch and the very best cognacs come in, but they will run you five to ten times what you paid for Blue Label.|||I keep them because they:

a) look cool

b) has a serial number

In reality, though, they probably have zero value.|||Fill it up with some cheaper scotch (JW red label or something) and give it to someone as a gift. Preferably after they've had a few so they won't notice that the seal has been broken.|||Put a tall white candle in the bottle neck and use it as a pretty lighting effect.|||I'd keep it so you can recycle it so you can GET MORE BOOZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!|||Return it and buy a nice single malt.

Currently listening to an Radio Interview between Johnnie Walker and Jean Jacques Burnell from The Stranglers?

Don't know if it is available outside the UK at http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b00鈥?/a>

It starts around 1:10 and very interesting imho.

Q1: Favourite DJ?

Q2: Favourite Stranglers Track?|||Q1; John Peel (especially from 1971-79...pure class!)

Q2; 'I Feel Like a Wog'...before the usual dears rush for the 'thumbs down' button, listen and learn...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inRc4VP9y鈥?/a>|||Q1: Annie Nightingale. I used to lock myself in my bedroom as a teen and listen to her show on Sundays. Big influence on me musically.

Q2: Strange little Girl ( sorry J no clicky link lol ) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnWVCWNnk鈥?/a>

Edit - I deliberately didn't say John Peel lest I be accused of being a Professional scouser (which I am but still) anyway I feel all guilty now :(

Sloth - lol ...no worries, just great to see you around. You answered two Q's in two day??? Bloody hell son have a lie down :))))|||Q1: No big surprises here....John Peel - the man introduced me to so much new music, and, of course, played all the stuff I was into at the time. I even recorded his show and edited a tape of the songs I liked.

Q2: Tough one...'Grip' or 'Yellowcake UF6' lol

Edit : Hi Jo...replied to your mail...but received a 'failure notice'....story of my life lol|||Thanks, doing my homework won't be such a boring activity now that I have something to listen to in the background

Q : don't really have one

Q2 : Peaches