Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Johnnie walker gold vs black?

looking for a fathers day present. not too experienced on my good liquor..(im 20 ill drink anything haha) but i know that my father likes to indulge in a nice glass of whiskey every once in awhile. i know he usually gets johnnie walker black label, probably cause its better and aged more than the red label, but still reasonably priced.... dont mind spending that little extra and getting him a bottle of the gold label, but i would appreciate insight from someone who actually knows, rather than me. is it really that much better or does it have its own distinct taste??? not sure if he would prefer the black label if thats what he is used to.... so confused.

p.s. dont even suggest blue label cause im not paying that much haha|||Gold is significantly better than Black Label, and Black is no slouch.|||I would say Gold is a safe bet.|||I haven't had Gold, but Green is a nice upgrade from the Black which I usually get.|||Go with the JW Gold just to make it different since you've said that he's already used of drinking the JW Black label and I think Gold is much better than Black anyway.|||Gold is pretty good stuff. It would show him that you wanted to make your gift more special.

I was with company, drinking Johnnie walker, blue label.Someone put coca-cola, in his. Should I shoot him?

shouldnt there be a law against this hideous crime?

P.S Johnnie walker is NOT an American drink!|||you go girl !!....ask him if he wants one shot....or two...in his drink !!...........haha|||you should only shoot him if he's greek!|||To each his own. Have a few more drinks and you won't care.|||I think you should buy a bottle of red label for him, if he insists on tainting it, he should stick to the dregs that need it.|||SHOOT HIM!!!!!

The only thing that should be added is more whisky,lol!|||why not|||yes|||Drown him in a pool full of johnnie walker with no coca cola.|||Just ***** slap him.|||shoot shoot but sont take my name...|||no its perfectly legal unless you can change the law.......|||ABSOLUTELY|||Why? Lots of people do this. I used to drink it but it gave me diarrhea. Serves me right, I guess you would say ;-)

I was just wondering how much a Liter of Johnnie Walker Black Label will cost?

Where I live black lable is abour 17 bucks. Its better than red but not as good as blue.|||1 liter,on average- $15-to-$25.00 depending on the store%26amp;state%26amp; pluse if u buy tax free.|||Generally speaking, this depends on the state in which you buy it, since a significant part of the cost of liquor is usually the amount of state tax put on the base cost of the bottle. I live in New Hampshire, for example, and our liquor costs, which are strictly state controlled, are lower than any state in the New England area, and probably among the lowest anywhere in the US, because the state taxes on liquor are quite low.|||$16.99+ Tax at 8.25%

What does the "serial number" on a Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle mean?

johnny walker Blue Label

Authentic re-creation of an original 19th century blend available only to John Walker's most valued customers. Available in very limited quantities each bottle has its own serial number.

Enjoy!|||Its a unique number to each bottle filled..

Whisky - Johnnie Walker?

How do you tell the difference from a original Johnnie Walker (Black or Green Label) from the counterfeit ones?|||1)Price



4)Good luck|||the labels tell how long the whisky was aged,Also it identifies the alcohol content.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label?

I received this bottle as a gift but I've never tried scotch before. Any pointers? Is this good scotch? It's in a beautiful box!

Thanks for your help|||First off, be thankful. That is a very nice bottle of scotch! It retails for about $200.

I would recommend drinking it neat (at room temperature with no ice). Add a very small splash of water to bring out the full flavor of the scotch. It makes a nice after dinner drink, or any time you just want to relax and enjoy a taste of something luxurious.

Johnnie Walker scotches are blended scotches. That means that they take different single malt scotches and blend them together to create the particular balance of flavors that they want. The Blue Label is a blend of 60-year-old single malts. That means the whisky was aged in a cask for 60 years before being blended and bottled. Generally, the older a scotch is, the better it is. Certainly, it gets more expensive as it ages, since a great deal of the whisky evaporates during ageing.

So what you have is a very expensive, expertly blended scotch. Drink slowly and savor it.

EDIT: Since you're not an experienced scotch drinker, I would recommend buying a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red or Black Label and drink a little of that first. By comparison, the Blue Label will seem like heaven!|||It's a very high-quality scotch, never had it myself (拢150/$290 a bottle, you'd expect it to be good). Apparently it's best enjoyed slowly, and straight, as not to dilute the taste. If you're not a scotch drinker you'll likely not notice the difference between that and a standard scotch though.|||blue labe is expensive and valuble. keep it 4 ur self|||Its one of the best. Enjoy it on the rocks or with water|||It is a good Scotch, I cannot stand Scotch but it is somewhat tolerable if you have it with soda.|||wow! someone loves you! drink it neat or on the rocks--it really has a fantastic flavor. enjoy it slowly and don't break it out at a party!

Where can I buy a poster of Johnnie Walker black label?

TRY ART.COM|||Search on eBay.|||try on craigslist(posters) Or try there web site. hope this helped u .